I’m not dead.

I’ve had an exceptionally rough last few months, I’ve lost a lot of things that were incredibly important to my mental well being and ability to create. I’ve not been able to paint now in so long that it is sickening, not because of any phsysical hindrance, but because I couldn’t bring myself to pick up a brush.

I’m sorry I vanished, I’ve let a lot of people down. There was so much going on and I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t know how else to cope. I should have reached out instead of hiding.

I’m happy again for the first time in a very long time now and things are looking up, and I can feel my creativity coming back.

I’ll make it up to anyone who was kind enough to think of me even once or twice in the last long while.

Sorry for the complete lack of updates folks, I’m going through some crazy home life / work life / life life upheavals and am pretty much waiting on everything to settle, painting is sadly on the backburner, though I miss it badly :(

Ahhh it’s gotten me!|

FC- 3738 0816 8192

Name- Iffy

Pm me back with your info if you add me!

Wip of dirty big brass Scorpion, he is huge next to this gobbo. Lightning needs a lot of work still and plates will all be gloss coated for a lovely shiny black. Plate trimmings will be the same gold brass as his pipes.

I am drunk right now and desperate, desperate, for some coconut macaroons.

Help me friends, help poor Ifalna in some way.

SPIDERS. All done bar the back two my pals are painting to join in the units, and have to finish the little forest bases and 10 more riders :) I don’t really know what standard these count as, but it’s my personal unit standard.

EDIT- Oh shit and their eyes aren’t done, they will have gloss gem eyes when all finished up :) doing the bases now I think.

I have so many update shots to get ready, oh god, wait and see.

It would be so nice if the MH tag was more about monster hunting and less about terribad anime tits. Is there a better tag I can use for actual game related stuff?