Amazing Christmas haul! Coffee grinder, ultrasonic cleaner for my airbrush ( a James ultra 7000 from my boyfriend James? Lul), a new proper lightbox with real lighting that’s not made of cardboard and €1 lamps!! And some nerdy stuff thats clearly not mine cause I’m not a nerd lol what are you talking about.

I spent last night painting and tried to take some final shots of Bete using the lightbox. As you can see in the first pic, the light is a LOT warmer than I am used to. They use daylight bulbs and I am used to strong white tungsten, so I was having serious problems working out how to take the best shot.

Second shot of her is with the white balance on the camera set to indoors/daylight to remove the yellowy red cast from the final shots and then slightly leveled out using the background as a grey tone in GIMP (which it was)

Looks gorgeous. Perfect light balance across the model, no stupid shadow bits, and better overall photo quality. And it’s not even in proper focus in this pic cause I am a derp haha. Will get better ones for her final shots.

So happy.

  1. vegan-wargamer said: wow nice haul :) did you have a good christmas? :)
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